Trouble Every Day – Boring Vampire Flick

I mean, how can you make a movie about vampires, sex and marital problems sooo boring? How is that even humanly possible? If a filmmaker were to come to me and tried to pitch me an idea for a flick about blood-sucking vampire rapists (yes, rapists); I’d think about an exploitation flick from the 70’s or about a serious horror film with social commentary.

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Being an Asshole = Being a Great Artist

Do you know the cliché of the musician overdosing after having composed the songs that shattered a genre? Do you also know the recurring trope of a poverty stricken bohemian, secretely building a masterpiece on the side?  How about the trope of the egotistical virtuoso, that just can’t get enough whiffs out of his asshole? Yeah, the type of guy that walks over the corpses of past friends, that pave his way into ultimate glory. Do you know him?

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