How to be a conformist, boot licking, ass kissing NPC in this day of age?: A Complete Guide for the Unfazed

There was a glory age for the mommy and daddy perfect son or daughter that knew their role in society. The son was supposed to wear a suit, get a boring job and to marry himself into a joyless lifelong relationship. The daughter -on the other hand- got often the shortest end of the stick, conforming to a life as a housewife renouncing to any dreams or aspirations her younger self may have had.

These two stereotypes have been drained out of vitality by countless books, films and tv shows, where they have been depicted since the late sixties ad nauseam. Do people like this still exist in the Western Europe of today? Maybe, but they lack the cultural relevance they once had. Instead, what is left are just two cartoonish figures that in the times of Instagram, Political Correctness and the dooming Ecological Catastrophe have no importance at all.

If this is the case, then what do we have? I know that the reader of this guide may look with nostalgia at a time, where it was easier to “fit in” by just wearing a manly suit or a womanly dress.

Not a problem at all!

In my opinion, this is maybe the best time to easily conform to the current status quo. The preachers of today don’t cease to bleat the dogmata of THE WAY. Take your pick, is it your red pill womanizer Andrew Tate, who just sold your sister into a Romanian sex slave ring, or is it the toxic haired Wokie, who has recently cancelled you for using the incorrect pronoun on a snail? Who cares? Take your pick.

Invite a person with a darker color of skin into your friend’s group, so that you can feel better about yourself for fulfilling a racist diversity quota in your own miserable life, without even caring a damn about that human being in question.

Pee away other men and pee on the women you want to make them yours, mark your territory, buff up your biceps and show the entire world how much of an alpha prick you are.

Command respect and order with a pic of your arse and tits to your army of Instagram wankers holding their rifles in place, ready to fire. Add a quote to it, make it inspirational.

Delude yourself in fantasies of perpetual victimhood without having ever visited a place where the alcoholics, the rape survivors, and the dirt poor survive. Better than that! Worry about not calling them homeless, but houseless.

There are so many ways to conform, to be a sheepish NPC.

Vladimir Putin is violently knocking on the doors of the European Union, appealing to both staunch right-wing conservatives crying about the destruction of Europe and to some left wingers still dreaming about the rebirth of a new Soviet Union. In some places in Africa, Homosexuals are being persecuted by populist politicians under the banner of liberating those countries from the evil LGBT+ colonial influence from the west; while – at the same time – some westerners here are unable to acknowledge the fact that yes, indeed, people of color can create and enforce horrible systems of oppression, just as their Non-Bipoc counterparts. The idiots of the Letzte Generation are openly trying to recruit people here at the university campus for their moronic cause: create awareness about the near ecological disaster by pissing off the entire working class, without addressing the very rich that are the cause of most CO2 emissions.

And that is good! Just wash down the desperation with a cup of ecofriendly Latte Macchiatto you just bought at your local Starbucks. Pat yourself on the back, because you added the suffix “innen” to all your nouns in your last term paper, and don’t forget the pronouns!

That is what today is considered to be a good bourgeois kid. Forget the suit and ties. Just pretend that you care. And if not, swallow the red pill and follow the most disgusting misogynistic influencers in social media. Drink the Latte Macchiato, sonny. Flush all of it down.

Flush it down.

Autor: Radwulf93

My name is Raúl Valero and I was born just next to the great Titicaca lake in the peruvian side of the border. Since I was fifteen years old I have shown interest for movies and in my early twenties for languages in general. I'm deeply in love with cinema and european languages alike. "Kinolingua" stands for "Kino", that is "cinema" or "movement"; and "lingua", for "tongue" and "language". I was thinking about writing a long biography, but I guess it would be just an egocentric literary jerk-off. If you have any questions about me, feel free to write me an e-mail to "" . I hope you enjoy my blog. Sincerely, R.